1800's French Bronze Plaque - Listed Artist -
- Lion and Cherub with Bow -Victor Peter
*Signed - Hand engraved by the artist -
V. Peter
French Artist: Victor Peter, Paris 1820-1918, was a pupil of Falguiere, worked w Rodin, and was presented at Paris Salons.  1873-1914, Victor Peter was an animal sculptor, a painter & medalist.  More than 10 museums in France present his works, principally plaques which were a speciality of this artist.   Victor Peter signed the monumental statues of the Paris Hotel de Ville, and the Grand Palais.
Dimensions:  6" X 4 1/2"   Condition: flawless, excellent

Embossed English Heraldic Arms Shield over 
waring devils in lower shield trying to break into the safe
Bank Safe Fire Plate
 embossed stamped brass
Registry & Courts: 1857
Liverpool, London
      * 8 3/8" diameter
Metalware from 17th Century to 19th Century

Art sculpture, bronzes, alms dishes, 
brass fireplace accessories, brass & pewter kitchen items,
 pub brass & pewter measures, iron racks & kitchen wares.

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 Rare English 19th Century Tankard
Brass Quart Legal Pub / Tavern Measure 
 Marks: QUART; V R crown; 21; L C C for London County Council 
 Seamed & Finely Styled Handle   6" tall

Extremely Rare Brass Hearth Trammel 
 French - Ca: 1760-1840
as seen in right hand side of picture above
Heavy duty for holding hearth cauldron 
Fleur di lis finial & leg lifter shape adjuster
     Royal Wrought Iron Hearth Trammel - 
Ca: 1740- 1790 - French - 
Decorated with Tree of life & Royal Fleur di lis finial
Set of 5 Victorian Hearth hooks